Reportedly getting divorced again, Kajol admits that she wants to judge Ajay Devgan because of this

India – The Indian couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan are being hit by an unpleasant issue. This is because the two are said to be divorced.

Long before this news, Kajol admitted that she wanted to put her husband on trial. Then, what’s the reason? Take a peek in full below.

Reported Divorce


Photo : Tiktok/sameer69

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s partner Kajol has been in the spotlight again. Because, it is reported that his household with Ajay Devgan is about to divorce. This was revealed from a post that showed the two of them talking about separation.

Especially before, Kajol admits to openly talking about her career, decisions in life, and how she was warned by her father before joining the Bollywood industry.

Because, according to ETimes, she decided to marry Ajay Devgan at the peak of her career in 1999. Kajol was confused and thought that her career would end after marriage.

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