Removing the Hijab and Getting Excited About Divorce Issues, Princess Anne’s Tattoo Letter ‘A’ Makes Salfok

Jakarta – Princess Anne has recently been in the spotlight because she is determined to take off her hijab and is currently rumored to be divorced from soap opera Arya Saloka. Even though both of them were silent, many codes were given regarding the issue of divorce.

Now, Princess Anne is in the spotlight because of her peeking tattoo on her arm. So, what is Princess Anne’s tattoo image? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Princess Anne’s tattoo

Since taking off her hijab, Princess Anne seems to be actively sharing her daily life on her Instagram account. Like recently, she was doing yoga with her long blonde hair in one ponytail.

Movement after movement, he did with flexibility and flexibility. This model and soap opera actor is also seen accompanied by his son, Ibrahim Jalal Ad Din Rumi.

But the highlight is Princess Anne’s tattoo peeking out on her right arm. You can see Princess Anne’s tattoo with the letter A. It can be seen that the letter A is decorated like a picture of the Eiffel tower.

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