Refusing to be accused of being stingy despite being rich, Nagita Slavina clarifies the problem of Raffi Ahmad’s damaged case

Jakarta – Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are known as a married couple who are engaged in the world of entertainment and are involved in the world of business. As a public figure, his life has never been without attention, including his small items.

Lately, it has gone viral on social media regarding Raffi Ahmad’s cellphone case, which looks damaged and is no longer good for use. From there, netizens judged that his wife, Nagita Slavina, did not pay attention to her husband about these minor matters.

Responding to the hectic problem of casing Raffi Ahmad. Nagita Slavina finally opened her voice. Here’s the description, let’s take a peek!

Nagita Slavina’s reaction to Raffi Ahmad’s cellphone case which was damaged viral


Photo: Special

Nagita Slavina was criticized because Raffi Ahmad used a damaged cellphone case. In fact, both of them are known as a married couple who are rich in twist.

Nagita Slavina, who did not accept being accused of being stingy because she did not buy Raffi Ahmad’s cellphone case, the mother of two children hastened to clarify.

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