Recipe for Cenil Snacks Typical of Kediri, Sweet Chewy Makes You Miss Home


Kediri – Cenil snacks are one of the typical snacks from Kediri which are famous for their delicious sweet taste. This snack is made of glutinous rice which is formed into small rounds and covered with grated coconut.

Speaking of typical Kediri culinary delights, the ANTV Rame Festival will be present and entertaining the people of Kediri on July 29, for information, stay tuned on social media @anty_official. If you want to try making Cenil at home, let’s take a peek at the recipe.

The manufacturing process is quite simple, but the results are very appetizing. The following is a recipe for making typical Kediri snacks.

Materials needed:

✓500 grams of glutinous rice

✓200 ml of boiled water

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