Recently Enlarged Breasts and Fear of Sagging, Taiwanese YouTuber Lyla Ho Refused to Breastfeed Her Child


Taiwan – Taiwanese YouTuber Lyla Ho reaped heavy controversy from netizens. Because, he made a statement that he was shocked because he did not want to breastfeed his child.

This is because of fear of sagging breasts. What’s the story like? Check it out below.

Fear of Sagging Breasts

Taiwanese YouTuber and celebrity Lyla Ho is in the spotlight. Recently he was happy because his second child was born on Friday, July 7 2023.

The arrival of her second child made Lyla Ho and her husband happy.

“Did not expect to suddenly open four fingers. And then my baby came to me. Thank you husband and daughter who are always cheerful and cheerful. Boys born sleeping on top of me like angels
When I saw her, the tears couldn’t stop. I am very happy”
wrote Lyla on her social media, quoted from Instagram @la.112814.

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