Realizing that the decision to take off the hijab disappointed her, Nathalie Holscher apologized to this figure


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher shocked the public with a change in her appearance. Through the latest Instagram, Nathalie shows her decision to remove the hijab.

Simultaneously, Nathalie’s sister, Nadya Holscher, posted several photos that seemed to show her support for her older sister. Like what? Let’s take a peek together!

Apologize to Brother

Photo :

Nathalie Holscher suddenly uploaded a video without a caption on her Instagram. In the black and white video, he appears to be no longer wearing the hijab. Looking like she was tired, Nathalie was reading a book to be happy. He showed a title if happiness can not be bought with wealth.

Not long after the upload, her sister, Nadya Holscher, also posted several recent photos with Nathalie. Where, it can be seen that Sule’s ex-wife is no longer wearing the hijab as usual.

The woman who had just converted to Islam then supported her older sister who was becoming the target of blasphemy by netizens.

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