Ready to Spill Out Her Heart After Getting Hoaxed, Rossa Is Willing To Drive Alone To Denny Sumargo

Jakarta – Recently, singer Rossa surprised the public with the firm steps she took in dealing with irresponsible individuals who tarnished her reputation.

The reason is that Rossa, who is usually known to be gentle, suddenly wants to deal with the law to find the person who slandered her, ignoring Betrand Peto during a duet. This attitude not only shocked netizens, but also other public figures, including Denny Sumargo. What did Denny say? Let’s watch it to the end!

Ready to Spill His Disappointment on the Densu Podcast

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Through her Instagram Story, Rossa informed her followers that she would express her feelings on the Denny Sumargo aka Densu podcast. In fact, the 44-year-old woman was willing to drive her own car to Densu’s house.

“Densu, it’s me again on the way to your house, I only want to go to you, because of Libra,” said Rossa in her Instagram Story post, Friday, July 21, 2023.

“I’m driving myself, wait, okay,” he said again.

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