Quipped by Rizky Billar when he entrusted a camel to Pak RT, Dewi Perssik opened his voice: Oh, that Kalibata cat?

Jakarta – Rizky Billar previously made content on entrusting camels to a man he called Pak RT Uzbekistan who was suspected of satirizing Dewi Perssik. The satire seems to have reached the ears of the singer of the Hikayat Cinta.

By striking, Dewi Perssik replied to the innuendo, allegedly calling Rizky Billar the Kalibata cat and alluding to domestic violence (KDRT). Like what?

Stupid Reply


Photo: Instagram/dewiperssik9

Currently, Dewi Perssik seems to be criticizing Billar. Through her social media account which is broadcasting live, Dewi insinuated about being thrown and Kalibata.

As is known, if Billar was ever involved in a case of Domestic Violence (KDRT) against Lesti Kejora, it was suspected that he had thrown his wife.

Not only about throwing, Dewi also mentioned Kalibata. Where, Billar has been reported with the place.

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