Putri Delina Allegedly Satire Nathalie Holscher Who Takes Off Her Hijab: Time Will Answer Everything

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher recently made the choice to take off her hijab and return to showing off her long hair. Shortly after Sule’s ex-wife took off her hijab, Putri Delina’s upload was immediately highlighted.

It is suspected that the upload was intended for Nathalie Holscher, causing netizens to comment a lot. Like what? Take a peek at the following upload.

Princess Delina Allegedly Satire Nathalie Holscher


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

Nathalie Holscher made a surprise with the latest appearance that has removed her hijab. In the midst of netizens’ attention on Nathalie, Putri Delina made a post that did not lose attention.

The second child of comedian Sule wrote wise words and reminded the public that time will answer all.

You have to believe in the words ‘time will answer all,’ wrote Putri Delina as quoted from her Instagram account @lambe_danu, Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

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