Puput reveals Mayang’s behavior after being satirized by a fart bundle by Doddy Sudrajat: Secretly Lumps


Jakarta – Puput exposed Mayang’s behavior after he was teased by Doddy Sudrajat for farting. He revealed that Vanessa Angel’s late sister was a liar and jumped.

Unlike her sister, Aisha. What were the words like? Take a peek in full below.

Fart Buntul satirized


Photo : Instagram/puput100ly

Recently, Puput opened a QnA or question and answer session with his followers on Instagram. She answered questions about her ex-husband, Doddy Sudrajat.

One of his followers asked Puput’s response, which was being teased by Vanessa Angel’s late father. He was satirized by the fart bundle by Doddy Sudrajat.

Annoyed, Puput quipped back about the rotten mouth.

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