Profile of Justyn Vicky, Bodybuilder Who Died after Lifting 210 Kg

Bali – Sad news comes from the world of Indonesian sports. It is known that Indonesian bodybuilder and fitness influencer Justyn Vicky has passed away.

This figure died at the age of 33 after a horror incident that occurred at The Paradise Bali gym in Sanur, Bali on 15 July 2023. What is the figure and chronology of his death like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Justyn Vicky’s profile

Known as a bodybuilder whose full name is Justyn Vicky, this is an Indonesian fitness influencer.

With his expertise in sports, Justyn Vicky has won various wins in contests. This bodybuilder won first place at the 2018 International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, won first place in lifting weights of 65 kg until he took part in the Ultimate Body Contest in 2011.

Not only that, Justyn is also known not only as a trainer, but also as a motivator who always inspires others to maintain their health.

It is known, Justyn Vicky was 33 years old and died after a barbell he was trying to lift ended up breaking his neck.

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