Profile of Della Puspita Artist Married Siri to Arman Wosi, Denies Being the Actor

Jakarta – Della Puspita is now happy. As is known, he recently revealed that he was married to a man named Arman Wosi.

Just officially became husband and wife on May 11, 2023. The latest news is that Della Puspita and Arman Wosi’s marriage has been hit by tilted issues.

This is because Della Puspita was accused of being a usurper. However, he denied the accusations.
On the other hand, because of that, many are curious about his figure. The following is Della Puspita’s profile. Let’s take a peek!

Profile of Della Puspita

Della puspita

Della Puspita is a senior artist who is still active today in the Indonesian entertainment world. As a public figure, his life is often in the spotlight.

Regarding her personal life, Della Puspita has two children from a previous marriage with Jocky Fernando. Then, their children were named Don Aubrey Daisuke and Fara Miyako Emi Jaoana.

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