Princess Anne Nyaut is called a widow, Arya Saloka displays a photo of Amanda Manopo


Jakarta – The issue of divorce between Princess Anne and Arya Saloka is getting stronger. After previously, Princess Anne snapped at being called a widow by her best friend, now it’s Arya Saloka’s turn.

The soap opera actor displays a portrait of himself with Amanda Manopo. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Nyaut Called Widow


Photo : Instagram/anneofficial1990

Princess Anne was previously in the spotlight and was a hot topic of conversation among netizens. She who used to look elegant wearing a hijab, now decided to take off her hijab and change her hair color to a bright, bright color.

This was allegedly because he was stressed and depressed with his household with Arya Saloka. Princess Anne’s husband is said to have had an affair with his co-star, Amanda Manopo. Moreover, there was an intimate video of Arya Saloka and Billy Syahputra’s former lover in the car.

Most recently, Princess Anne snapped when netizens called her a widow. Princess Anne’s best friend, Audrey Azalia, also teased the widow’s greeting.

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