Prime Portrait of Shah Rukh Khan Returns to India After an Accident During Filming Until He Has to Have Operations

India – Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan had bad news yesterday. He had an accident while filming in the United States.

This accident forced Gauri Khan’s husband to undergo surgery. Luckily, he is now in good health and returned to India. What’s the portrait like? Read more below.

Had an Accident While Filming

Shahrukh Khan

Unpleasant news came from Shah Rukh Khan. He had an accident while filming a project in Los Angeles, United States.

According to reports, Salman Khan’s colleague suffered a deep wound on the face, to be precise, on the nose. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and underwent medical treatment.

“SRK was shooting for a project in Los Angeles and he ended up injuring his nose. He started bleeding profusely and was immediately rushed to the hospital,” said the source quoted from the Pinkvilla website on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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