Prayer of Michael Rendy Clayton’s father after being robbed: We leave it to God

Semarang – Celebgram Michael Rendy suffered injuries to his ears and hands as a result of fighting with his neighbors who wanted to rob his house in Semarang some time ago. Even so, Clayton’s father continued to pray to God.

As he closed his eyes, Michael Rendy thanked his family for surviving this stressful event. Going forward, Michael wants to surrender everything to God. What was Michael Rendy’s prayer like? Take a peek at the article!

Michael Rendy’s Prayer After Experiencing a Robbery

Lizzebeth, wife of Michael Rendy, shared a video of her husband chanting a prayer. Apparently, they were compact in praying together when they couldn’t sleep because they were still imagining the attempted robbery at their house.

Michael Rendy prayed to God, in the form of an expression of gratitude because his family had survived this robbery. Later, Michael and his family will continue to surrender all problems to God and take refuge in Him.

“God in his life is our Lord Jesus. Thank God if my wife and child are safe, I’m also just an ordinary wound. Thank you Lord. We leave everything in your hands God,” said Michael Rendy, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram @liizebethmua, Monday, July 10, 2023.

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