Posan Tobing Subpoena Band Kotak, Tantri: Now Must Be Opposed

Jakarta – Posan Tobing has banned the band Kotak from performing his song. The former drummer has also sent an open letter to the members and management of Kotak.

Related to this, there has been no official response from the band Kotak. However, Tantri Kotak appears to have made a post that allegedly responds to the subpoena. Let’s take a peek at what the post from the owner’s full name Tantri Syalindri looks like.

Tantri’s post

Tantri Kotak made a post on her personal Instagram. The post was allegedly a response to a subpoena filed by Posan Tobing some time ago.

Yesterday it was understood, now it must be fought against. fight or not? BLAST!!!” wrote Tantri through her Instagram post.

Seeing the post, netizens also asked Tantri not to get emotional. They hope the problem can be solved with a cool head.

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