Portrait with Viral, Anita Chui reacts to being called having an affair with Coco Lee’s husband


Hong Kong – Hong Kong actress Anita Chui reacts after allegations about her having an affair with Coco Lee’s husband, Bruce Rockowitz. This accusation is also reinforced by the circulation of portraits of the two.

Feeling not having an affair, he also gave his response. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Accused of Cheating

The star

Photo: The star

Anita Chui was suddenly dragged into an alleged affair with Coco Lee’s husband. He was accused of being a third party in Lee’s marriage went rampant after photos of him and Rockowitz at an event resurfaced on social media.

Not only that, the intimate portrait also went viral. Moreover, before Coco Lee passed away on July 5 2023 yesterday, he had not officially been divorced.

Responding to the claims in an interview with Hong Kong Oriental Daily, Anita Chui said the viral photos came from a charity event attended at the invitation of a top executive from the Rockowitz company.

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