Portrait of Ningning aespa Becomes a Barbie, Visually Similar to a Living Doll

South Korea – Ningning aespa went viral because her edited photo became Barbie. This is because Ningning is known to have stunning visuals, coupled with her edited photos.

So, what is Ningning aespa’s portrait like a barbie? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Ningning aespa Becomes a Barbie

Through the social media Twitter, Ningning aespa’s appearance as Barbie became an uproar and was in the public spotlight. How could it not be, Ningning’s visuals became very beautiful with the exact same style and makeup as in the Barbie movie.

According to information circulating on social media Twitter, originally a Chinese fan Ningning aespa had edited her idol’s appearance which was shared via Weibo. The fan turned Ningning into a Barbie, whose results shocked social media.

Ningning looks really like a Barbie doll with her unreal visuals. Through these portraits, some of Ningning’s appearances as Barbie with blonde hair and luxurious makeup show a different side.

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