Popo Barbie TikTokers Video Leaks in a Prison Cell, Shame of Being Seduced by Other Prisoners

Jambi – A video clip is circulating showing Popo Barbie when she is already in the Kerinci Police prison cell for the recent exciting video case.

At that moment, Popo Barbie seemed reluctant to enter the prison cell and joined the other prisoners. Here’s more through the review below.

Popo Barbie Seduced by Another Prisoner

Popo Barbie

Popo Barbie shocked Indonesia’s social media users because of her indecent videos. In the video footage circulating, the TikTokers from Jambi were found masturbating using a mannequin.

For this action, Popo Barbie was busy in the public spotlight and is now being secured by the Kerinci Police.

In connection with this incident, a video has circulated on social media showing Popo Barbie’s condition while in a prison cell.

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