Politicized by Her Husband for Alleged Domestic Theft, Jenny Rachman Speaks Up


Jakarta – Jenny Rachman, a senior artist, spoke up after her husband, Suprajarto, reported her to the police on suspicion of domestic theft. According to her attorney, Elida Netty, what her client’s husband did was legal.

“In this case, my response after talking with Ms. Jenny and other parties, is to let it go, it’s legal for her to report, that’s her right,” said Netty when contacted by the media crew, on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

It is known, Jenny was reported for allegedly accessing her husband’s cellphone and publishing its contents. Check out the full review below.

Jenny Rachman’s Party Gives Response

Jenny Rahman

Even so, Elida Netty considered that what her client, as Suprajarto’s wife, had done was normal. Netty did not see any wrongdoing on her client.

“Where did he say a wife broke into this (mobile) husband. That’s the language that I see as unprofessional,” said Netty.

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