Pity! The man who chats intimately with celebrity husband Meylisa Zaara, officially becomes Jaehyun’s main opponent

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On Tuesday, 11 July 2023, there is some information that attracts more attention from readers. Starting from the man who chatted intimately with celebrity husband Meylisa Zaara to officially become the opponent of NCT’s Jaehyun.

So, what else is trending on IntipSeleb on July 11, 2023. Come on, check it out below!

Pity! The man who chats intimately with Celebrity Husband Meylisa Zaara turns out to be a marriage witness


Photo : Instagram/meylizaara

Celebgram Meylisa Zaara was in the spotlight after exposing the actions of her husband who committed domestic violence (domestic violence). This was done by Meylisa Zaara’s husband because he was caught chatting intimately with another man.

It was said that the man was actually a witness to the marriage of Meylisa Zaara and her husband. Like what?

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