Pierre Gruno Undergoes Examination on Reports of Abuse

Jakarta – Senior Indonesian artist, Pierre Gruno underwent an examination of a suspected abuse case as the reported party at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters on Thursday, 13 July 2023. This was confirmed by his attorney, Richard Leonard.

“Earlier, Uncle Pierre arrived at around 4 o’clock, yes, he has been examined earlier, only until now there is a pause, the Maghrib prayer break, and until now there is still an inspection agenda,” said Richard Leonard to media crew at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

Meanwhile, Pierre had only been asked a number of things, ranging from the news to his version of the chronology of events. Take a peek at the full review below.

Claim Pockets of Evidence and Have Witnesses


Photo : Instagram/grunopierre

Richard said, his client already has some evidence. Some of what Richard mentioned were the results of CCTV camera recordings.

“There must be evidence, there must be witnesses too,” said attorney Pierre Gruno.

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