Overwhelmed by Seblak Management, Rafael Tan Surrenders to a Soulmate

Jakarta – Starting with his fun, he made Rafael Tan’s cooking content go viral again for cooking seblak without gravy. Now, he is overwhelmed to prepare orders that are already booming.

This turned out to make him no longer think about a life partner. Now, he just wants to enjoy life alone. What is the story of Rafael? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Seblak Management Overwhelm

Celebrity peek

Photo: Celebrity peek

Rafael Tan revealed that he is now increasingly busy with his new activity, namely selling seblak. This was done after the cooking video went viral on social media.

“I’m just enjoying myself. I’m just going out with one another. So now taking care of one is quite overwhelming,” said Rafael in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta.

Rafael Tan also doesn’t bother with the couple thing. He feels that a mate will come by itself without having to look for it.

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