Our Season – ZEROBASEONE Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – ZEROBASEONE has debuted by releasing their debut mini album titled Youth in the Shade. Their debut album contains a total of 6 songs namely In Bloom, Back to ZEROBASE, New Kidz on the Block, and I, Our Season and Always.

In the following, IntipSeleb summarizes the lyrics of ZEROBASEONE’s song Our Season along with the Indonesian translation.

Our Season – ZEROBASEONE Lyrics with Romanization Hangul


sumanh-eun bam-eul jina machimnae yeogi
ttoggat-eun ileum alae hanaga doen uli
yeotae dallyeoon gil balassdeon kkum-i
ije hyeonsil-i dwae sseuyeojil Story

sujubdeon Monday tteugeobdeon Sunday
uliga doegi wihae jinaon naldeul
ajig let’s seomeoghan neowa na
ap-eulo jal butaghae

oneul-eul giloghalge us-eo, ja 3 2 1
hangsang balago baladeon gos-eulo Let’s go
uli iagil sseo naelyeogal sigan-eulo
ma-eumkkeos dallyeobwa Higher

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