Ordinary – Tilly Birds Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

Thailand – One of the popular songs from the Thai band Tilly Birds is Ordinary. Tells about separation in a relationship.

It is reported that the pop band Tilly Birds consisting of Anuroth Ketlekha, Nutdanai Chuchat and Thuwanon Tantiwattanworakul will come to Indonesia on July 15 to be precise. What are the lyrics like? Here are the lyrics to Ordinary from Tilly Birds below.

bpen tammada reuang bro am la
hak rao bang eun dai pob kon ti dee gwa (pob kon ti dee gwa)
reuang kwam sampan bpen reuang sampan
dtae meua teung wan ti mot wela

go dtong leuk ra (go dtong leuk ra)
meua man mai chai rao ja mai feun
dtae nai huajai rao ja mai leum
reuang ti panma jak gan duay dee

ta dtong ting bpai rao go ja mai sia jai
rao go ja mai sia dai
mai chai kon rak gan mai dai bplae wa rao mai rak gan
ter go yang mi chan meuan deum

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