One Piece 1088 Spoilers, More Tense! Koby’s Power and Garp’s Missing Moments…

Japan – One Piece 1088 manga lovers are increasingly curious. Because, in the latest chapter, it will again tell about the fight between Luffy’s grandfather, Garp and Aokijy.

On the other hand, Koby will show his true power. What will happen to the new One Piece manga chapter? Scroll, scroll, scroll!

Garp’s Disappearance


Photo: Youtube

One Piece 1088 manga will be opened with the continuation of Kuzan or formerly known as Aokijy against Garp. The two fight to the end.

Kuzan then creates a sword out of ice. He then drew his ice sword towards Garp.

Not afraid, Garp just laughed when the ice started to freeze him. This incident is the same as Saul who was frozen to Aokijy’s bow.

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