One More Star Fly to the Sky

Hong Kong – Hong Kong action actor Jackie Chan mourns the passing of Coco Lee who is known to have died on July 5, 2023 due to a suicide attempt.

Joan Lin’s husband also wrote a message of emotion which immediately went viral on social media. What did he say? Take a peek at Jackie’s letter below.

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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s condolences and sorrow over the passing of Coco Lee. He wrote a message of emotion on social media in his upload on Sina Weibo.

He admired Coco Lee as a talented Hong Kong singer. He hoped that the singer would not feel any more pain.

“Coco, you were a born star with extraordinary talent and a unique personal style, your voice, your dance and your bright smile influenced so many people. You have given so much to the world,” wrote Jackie Chan quoted from the Global Times, Monday, July 10, 2023.

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