One Gang! Jo In Sung Unravels Hilarious Stories While Befriending Lee Kwang Soo, Discusses His Funny Nature

South Korea – Recently, Jo In Sung appeared as a guest on the show A Couple of Cups Coffees Are Just an Excuse on YouTube Deun Deun. At that time, Jo In Sung shared many things, especially his friendship with Lee Kwang Soo.

It’s really funny, this is Jo In Sung’s story when discussing Lee Kwang Soo on the Deun Deun YouTube program. Come on, check it out in full below!

Jo In Sung’s story while being friends with Lee Kwang Soo

jo in sung
Source: Deun Deun YouTube Screenshot

On July 22, a new video titled “A Couple of Cups Coffees Are Just an Excuse” uploaded on Deun Dẹun’s YouTube channel, as part of a web program “Just an Excuse”, which is hosted by Yoo Jae Suk. At the event, actors Cha Tae Hyun, Jo In Sung, and Han Hyo Joo appeared and shared their stories.

On that day, Yoo Jae Suk mentioned “friendship with Lee Kwang Soo” as one thing the three guests have in common. Then, when asked, “What does Kwang Soo mean to you?” Jo In Sung replied, “Injured finger”.

When Jo In Sung called Lee Kwang Soo his hurt figure, he was using an expression that refers to someone he worries about, or feels deep affection for and always wants to take care of. In short, Jo In Sung revealed that he and Kwang Soo were very close.

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