Once there was a problem, Lee Hyori made a stage appearance with a kissing scene with her husband

South Korea – The tvN television station is back airing the latest episode of the Dancing Queens on the Road program. In that episode, Lee Hyori reinterpreted Hwasa’s ‘TWIT’ and delivered a great performance together with everyone, Lee Sang Soon.

Do a kiss scene, following Lee Hyori’s appearance with her husband. Come on, check it out in full below!

Challenge Lee Hyori before appearing on stage with her husband

lee hyori
Source: tvN

The day before the stage, Lee Sang Soon was unable to attend due to bad weather so he was replaced by another electric guitarist. At that time, Lee Hyori also decided to learn to dance in heels again. She expressed her embarrassment, saying, “I thought I wouldn’t look sexy doing this after a long time.”

However, on the day of the performance, Lee Hyori revealed that luckily, Lee Sang Soon managed to get on the ship after her flight was canceled due to a storm. Regarding this, the female star confessed, “I thought I would cry when I saw my husband taking photos on the ship and smiling brightly.” Then, when Lee Sang Soon arrived, Lee Hyori hugged her and shed tears of joy.

After that, Lee Hyori made a teasing look and said, “You worked hard, get ready today,” Lee Sang Soon replied with a smile, “I was looking forward to this day, that’s why I came.”

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