On stage with the late Glenn Fredly, Yura Yunita Can’t Weep: The Hero of My Life

Jakarta – The concert to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the late Glenn Fredly’s work was successfully held. The music concert ‘Glenn Fredly: 25 Years of Music’ was also enlivened by Yura Yunita.

Through this moment, Yura admitted that he remembered Glenn’s millions of kindnesses. He even felt that there would not be Yura’s current form without Glenn’s help. What is Yura’s outpouring like? Take a peek in full below.

Remember the Kindness of Glenn Fredly

Through her personal Instagram, Yura Yunita uploaded a video clip when she was on stage and singing the song ‘Love and Secrets’ with the hologram Glenn Fredly.

In the caption, Yura admits that he tried to be strong when singing with the late Glenn who felt like a hero in his life.

“Strong strength to sing on stage again with the hero of my life. Celebrating 25 years of work, sweet memories, and millions of goodness Glenn Fredly,” said Yura Yunita quoted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

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