omg! Jay B GOT7 Keciduk Sends DMs to Women, Message Contents Revealed in Online Community


South Korea – Recently, a netizen made a post on theqoo online community. There, a netizen showed that he had been sent a message via Instagram DM by Jay B GOT7.

The contents of the message from Jay B GOT7 were even shared in the form of screenshots. Here’s the complete.

Fill in GOT7’s Jay B message with a woman

jay b
Source: Online Community/theqoo

Earlier this week, several photos, which allegedly showed Jay B sliding into a girl’s DMs. It has managed to attract attention. Specifically, the woman appears to have published the messages on her Instagram Stories, along with comments.

In one of the alleged screenshots Jay B, responding to the woman’s story about the cake, says, “I want some”, and the woman replied, “Ah… They are 10,000 each hehe”. He also added a comment, “Not knowing how to respond to a celebrity, so I ended up saying that…”

Another screenshot, captioned, “For some reason, we’re having a conversation.” He then shows his conversation with Jay B.

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