Often ridiculed by netizens because their attitude is considered to have changed, Inara gave striking replies

Jakarta – Virgoun’s wife, Inara Idol Rusli, has often received ridicule from a number of netizens lately. Netizens feel that what Inara did and said did not meet their expectations.

One of the things that sparked anger among netizens at the mother of three children was when Inara broadcast live on TikTok. Take a peek at the full information below.


Photo : Instagram.com/@mommy_starla

Netizens perceive Inara as a woman who is no longer calm, as was their initial perception. Netizens also feel that Inara’s attitude has changed.

Finally, most recently, Inara gave her response to the insinuation. Casually, Virgoun’s wife admitted that she could not do much with the insinuations addressed to her.

According to him, what netizens put out was not what he could manage. Therefore, in order not to be affected by the sarcasm of netizens who are considered to have a bad impact, he doesn’t pay too much attention to it.

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