Official! Actor Joo Jong Hyuk to Star in Drama ‘No Secret’


South Korea – South Korean actor Joo Jong Hyuk has confirmed his appearance in the new JTBC drama No Secrets (tentative title) as his next work and started filming.

He will take on the role of Kim Jeong Heon – an entertainer who is called the ‘national son-in-law’ in the drama. So how is the information? Come on, check out more.

Joo Jong Hyuk Main Drama No Secret

Joo jong hyuk
Launching from WOWTV on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, South Korean actor Joo Jong Hyuk is reported to be playing in the latest drama entitled No Secret.

No Secret (tentative title) is a melodrama that will highlight the story of two people who work in the broadcasting industry, and have different personalities.

According to BH Entertainment, Joo Jong Hyuk will play Kim Jeong Heon, an entertainer who is called the ‘national son-in-law’ in the drama.

As the star entertainer who brought up the highest stock price, he is the owner of the comfortable charm that disarms opponents and the beautiful talk that captures the atmosphere. Kim Jeong Heon is also Onju’s ex-boyfriend and Song Ki Baek’s high school classmate.

Meanwhile, Joo Jong Hyuk has finished filming a film titled I Hate Korea and this film is confirmed to be released in 2023.

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