Now Consistent in Covering Aurat, Here’s Olla Ramlan’s Comment on Women Who Suddenly Take Off Their Hijabs

Jakarta – Artist, Olla Ramlan is a public figure who is determined to wear the hijab. His decision to cover his head was made in 2019.

The hijab she wears always looks dapper and contemporary with the clothes she often wears. Take a peek at the full information below.

Olla Ramlan refuses to brag about wearing the hijab


Photo : Instagram/ollaramlan

Even though she still seems consistent in wearing the hijab, Olla Ramlan herself is reluctant to brag. Humbly, she does not dare to promise that she will always wear her hijab in the future.

“I don’t dare to say no, I also don’t dare to say yes. We’ll see. God willing, the main thing is that we just live our lives, hopefully everything will be fine so unwanted things don’t happen,” said Olla Ramlan to the media crew in the Jakarta area.

Emphasizing this, Olla asked that she always be prayed for so that she could consistently wear her hijab. He felt he never knew what would happen to him in the future.

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