None of My Business – ITZY Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – JYP Entertainment’s Kpop group, ITZY, released a music video for the song None of My Business on July 24, 2023.

Having a cheerful melodic strain, the song None of My Business is a pre-release song before the release of their full album titled KILL MY DOUBT on July 31, 2023. Following PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of the song None of My Business performed by ITZY complete with Indonesian translation, let’s scroll!

Lyrics of None of My Business – ITZY

ITZY official/twitter

Photo : ITZY official/twitter

It’s none of my business, none of my business
None of my business, what are you doing?
Ttokgateun maeil banbokdoen yaegi
Eogeunna beorin me and you

Wanjeonhi dallajin neon tragic (Tragic)
Neoman bomyeon jakku hyeongijeungi na (na)
Michyeobeorin i yeoreumdo crazy (Crazy)
Yeoldaeyaboda deo jjajeungnaneun uri
Maltu dotchin gas
Ppittureojyeo like you, yeah
Meomchul su eomneun uri sai
Seon neomji ma I don’t care how you feel

You, you, you, you
Jjaenghan neowa na uri geurigo dul
Dagaon ibyeol gata
Eoneu ttaeboda sileun yeoreum

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