‘No need to fuss!’ Nathalie Holscher Was Ordered to Be Quiet After Calling Sule Cheating & Stopping Monthly Love


PeekSeleb – Nathalie Holscher firmly asked her ex-husband, Sule, to stop giving monthly to his son, Adzam. He also openly called the comedian having an affair and kept the evidence.

However, the former DJ’s statement was even blasphemed by netizens and even told to be silent. Like what? Read more below.

Call Sule Cheating

Nathalie Holscher in her latest post asked Rizky Febian’s father to stop giving monthly to his son, Adzam. He revealed this because he was furious at receiving blasphemy because he once said that Sule’s monthly Rp. 25 million was considered too little.

With determination, he asked Sule to take the car and house that was given to him and his child.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I want to start a new life..it’s quite busy about living for children and again about property and wealth..you can just stop the monthly adzam, car, house, please take it. God willing, I can go through everything with my child .., “ wrote Nathalie Holscher, quoted from her Instagram, Monday, July 17, 2023.

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