NMIXX Members Reportedly Hit by Drones, Stage Burned Until Spectators Fainted


South Korea – Unpleasant news came from fans and NMIXX members. The girl group’s stage for the JTBC music show K-909 was reportedly hit by an accident.

The accident caused one of the members to be hit by a drone, the stage caught fire, until the audience fainted. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the full news below.

JTBC Music Show K-909 Messed up

On this day, July 10, 2023, many netizens on Twitter are talking about NMIXX’s appearance for the JTBC music show K-909. The performance reportedly fell into disarray.

Netizens reported that the chaos caused the stage to catch fire, the audience fainted, and the drone hit Kyujin NMIXX’s head. In the end, the audience was busy saving themselves.

“The filming of K-909 NMIXX was the worst. The stage was set on fire, someone fainted, and a drone ripped the maknae’s head off. It was truly a shocking and frightening incident. Instead of listening to their songs, we focused on running away.” wrote the Twitter account KPOP_NARO launched on July 10, 2023.

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