Nikita Mirzani Is Being Laughed at Imitating Gigi Hadid Taking off Heels when Appearing on the Catwalk: Not Suitable Blas!


Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani is one of the artists chosen to walk on the Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival (JF3) catwalk. Chosen to be one of the models, Nikita showed reckless action taking off her high heels while walking on the catwalk.

But instead of reaping praise, the action actually became a laughing stock because it was accused of imitating Gigi Hadid’s style. Like what?

Nikita Mirzani Takes Off High Heels


Photo: Instagram/rumpi_gosip

Nikita Mirzani appeared confident when waving at the JF3 event which was held at Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 3. As usual, she appeared wearing mini clothes and exuding her sexy aura.

Launching Instagram uploads @rumpi_gosip, Laura Meizani or Loly’s mother wore a gold dress that was above the knee and only covered half of her thighs. Meanwhile, the back of the dress exposed Nikita Mirzani’s back to make her tattoo clearly visible.

With full confidence, the mother of three walked down the catwalk with a big smile on her face. However, when he reached the end of the catwalk, he performed an unusual action.

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