Nikita Mirzani Doesn’t Care Anymore, Loly Now Calls the Mother Who Lives With Her as Mami


Jakarta – The cold war between Nikita Mirzani and Loly is still ongoing. In fact, Nyai, as Niki is known, admitted that she no longer cared about her daughter when she was mentioned about changing her faith.

Loly, on the other hand, made a live broadcast on her TikTok. He showed togetherness with one of the Indonesian families who also live in London. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Call Mommy

Loly, recently made a live broadcast on her TikTok account. He showed his togetherness with an Indonesian family who also lived in London.

In the middle of the live broadcast, a middle-aged mother who was of mixed Timor Leste appeared. Nikita Mirzani’s daughter immediately called her mom.

The mother then explained about Loly’s struggles in London. He made it clear that Nikita Mirzani was angry but had to support Loly in getting an education.

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