Next week, Fuji is ready to report its former employees for alleged embezzlement of Rp. 1 billion

Jakarta – Fuji is ready to report its former employee to the police for alleged embezzlement of IDR 1.5 billion. Investigate a calibaration, the money is the result of his work for a year.

On one occasion, Fuji’s attorney, Sandy Arifin, explained the continuation of the case that had befallen his client. Curious? Let’s take a peek!

Fuji Plans To Report Its Former Employees Next Week


Photo : Instagram/fuji_an

Sandy Arifin had consulted with investigators at the South Jakarta Metro Police some time ago. That way, Fuji will report the former employee.

Fuji is suspected of losing up to billions of rupiah because the money he earned was used for the personal benefit of his former employee. Even the sister-in-law of the late Vanessa Angel had already filed a subpoena.

In further developments, Fuji is now seeking information in the form of witnesses to strengthen his report later. It is planned that these witnesses will be attached to the report, if there is no good will or peace from the former employee.

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