NewJeans Celebrity song cover, IU: Your five voices are good and beautiful


South Korea – On July 24th, NewJeans appeared on IU’s Palette which was uploaded to IU’s official YouTube. In that event, IU explored everything about NewJeans.

However, something caught attention when IU was shocked to find out the age of the NewJeans members. Want to know more? Come on, check it out below!

IU praised NewJeans when singing Celebrity

Just like before, everyone who was invited to the Palatte event, IU and the invited guests must sing songs. Both IU and NewJeans took turns singing their hit songs.

At this inaugural meeting, NewJeans sang IU’s Celebrity song. After hearing the voice of NewJeans singing Celebrity, IU did not stop praising their talent.

“I keep saying it’s great, but it’s true. I’m happy that you showed NewJeans and IU colors. Your five voices are good and beautiful, but carry a different feeling. You all sing that song differently and well. I enjoy listening to it,” said IU, who praised NewJeans, quoted via IU’s Palette on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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