New Poster Release, Check Out Schedule for Korean Drama Behind Your Touch

South Korea – Ahead of its premiere, the drama Behind Your Touch has just released its newest poster, starring Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and EXO’s Suho.

Combining the comedy, romantic, supernatural and thriller genres, the drama Behind Your Touch has a storyline full of plot twists. Read more through the following review.

Drama Story Plot Behind Your Touch


Photo: JTBC

The drama Behind Your Touch is set in the village of Mujin which is quiet, peaceful, and free from crime. Mujin Village has a proud veterinarian, Bong Ye Boon (Lee Min Ki).

Besides being able to treat animals, Bong Ye Boon also has super psychometric powers. When he touches the back of a person or animal, he can see past them.

With this special talent, Bong Ye Boon conducts experiments on how far his powers can be used. The incident makes him have to deal with Moon Jang Yeol (Han Ji Min), a hotshot detective in the violent crime investigation team in Seoul, but he is demoted to a small police station in Mujin.

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