Netizens Are More Convinced RK Atok Is Gay After Revealing The Reasons For His Male Friend Crying Mewek Gegara Not Found

Jakarta – Meylisa Zaara’s husband, RK Atok appeared on Doctor Richard Lee’s podcast and denied accusations that he called himself gay or same-sex enthusiast.

Starting from having dark sex to checking in with his male friends. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Men’s friends cry because they are not found

In his podcast with Richard Lee, RK Atok explains several reasons for his accusation of being gay. First, he explained about the incident that Meylisa Zaara caught checking in with a male friend.

According to his statement, the man who checked in with him was a friend of his who was going home and asked for his help.

“I am a Kediri person, a friend of mine is playing in Kediri, the event is for business or going home, so this is the case at going home sis. My friend’s position is in Jakarta, then he returns home to Kediri, now his position is after 10 pm. But if for example he comes home and can’t go out anymore, I end up offering it to the hotel,” said RK Atok, quoted from YouTube Richard Lee, Friday, July 21, 2023.

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