NCT Mark Allegedly Lovesgram with Indonesian Women, Netizens: Surprised to Fall


South Korea – NCT’s Mark is in the spotlight with his alleged lovesgram. Initially, Mark uploaded a sunset photo on his Instagram account, then this Indonesian woman also uploaded a similar photo.

What is the photo like? Is it really a lovesgram and is this figure ready? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Mark NCT Post Dusk


Photo : Instagram/kfm.korea

Mark NCT is in the spotlight of Indonesian netizens. The reason is, it looks like a sunset photo lovesgram is in the spotlight.

Initially, many fanbase accounts highlighted the same photo uploaded by a female figure from Indonesia. Looks like Mark NCT uploaded a beautiful sunset photo with a perfect orange sun.

Then, netizens also highlighted the figure of a woman who also uploaded the same photo as the sunset view. Investigate a calibaration, the woman is Sister Rini (Nagita Slavina’s personal assistant).

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