NCT Dream Confirmed to Hold Face to Face Album Sign Event ‘ISTJ’ in Jakarta

Jakarta – Good news has come for NCT Dream fans, namely NCTZen. Not long ago, a comeback with their 3rd album titled ‘ISTJ’, NCT Dream was confirmed to be holding a fansign in Jakarta, you know.

Curious as to what’s up in full? Let’s take a peek at the details of the article below.

NCT Dream Holds Album Sign Event in Jakarta

NCTZen Indonesia is definitely happy to hear this news. NCT Dream will soon be holding a special event in Jakarta.

NCT Dream is ready to hold a ‘Face to Face Album Sign Event’ in Jakarta titled ‘ISTJ’ in the near future. This news was announced directly by the event promoter.

“NCT Dream ‘ISTJ’ FACE TO FACE ALBUM SIGN EVENT in Jakarta. Surprise surprise! NCT Dream will be signing their 3rd Album – ‘ISTJ’ at the FACE TO FACE ALBUM SIGN EVENT in JAKARTA. NCTzens, this is your moment to see them up close, so don’t miss it!” wrote Instagram Dyandra Global, Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

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