Natural Beauty, Netizens Urge SNSD’s Yoona to Replace Her Old Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

South Korea – Recently, SNSD’s Yoona appeared at the 2023 Blue Dragon Series Award. At the event, SNSD’s Yoona appeared as the host.

When appearing on the red carpet, SNSD’s Yoona immediately surprised reporters and fans who were present because of her natural visual. Because it looks prettier, fans asked SNSD’s Yoona to replace the old makeup artist and hairstylist, and maintain the new one. Here’s more!

SNSD’s Yoona’s viral charm

SNSD Yoona’s charm when she appeared wearing a black open dress managed to go viral. On the red carpet for the 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards, SNSD’s Yoona did not wear accessories and only wore her hair neatly and made up minimally.

The minimalist makeup makes Yoona’s beauty stand out and shine more. Her light lipstick made her even brighter despite a slight smile.

Seeing this, fans asked Yoona to maintain her newest makeup artist and hairstylist and replace the old one. This latest makeup artist and hairstylist makes Yoona look very relaxed to exude her charm when attending events or meeting fans.

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