Nathalie Holscher Removes Hijab, Lady Nayoan Sues for Divorce Rendy Kjaernett


Jakarta – IntipSeleb always presents interesting news related to stories about celebrities, from local to foreign. Some articles have quite a lot of readers compared to other articles.

Popular articles that are widely read on IntipSeleb range from Nathalie Holscher who uploads videos taking off her hijab to Lady Nayoan’s household which is on the brink.

Take a peek at the many interesting articles read on IntipSeleb on Monday, 10 July 2023:

Shock! Nathalie Holscher Removes Hijab

Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

Photo : Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

Nathalie Holscher shocked the public after uploading a video of herself no longer using her hijab. Many have asked why Sule’s ex-wife dared to take off her hijab.

Meanwhile, other comments provided support for Nathalie, who was considered to have returned to being herself.

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