Natasha Rizki Plays Tennis with a Gamis Outfit, Netizens: Desta Loses an Angel


Jakarta – After the divorce was revealed to the public, Natasha Rizki has always been the center of attention of netizens. Whatever Natasha Rizki does or wears, netizens immediately discuss it.

Most recently, Natasha Rizki attracted public attention when playing tennis in a robe. Here’s more!

The moment Natasha Rizky plays tennis

The moment Natasha Rizki played tennis in a syar’i dress became the subject of hot discussion on social media. In the uploaded video, Natasha Rizki sits on the sidelines of the tennis court with her children.

Natasha Rizki is seen wearing a loose robe and hijab. The clothes fit Natasha Rizki’s appearance as usual.

“Suddenly gamis” wrote Natasha Rizki in her personal Instagram upload.

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