Naruto Anime Releases 4 Special Episodes, GO!!! from FLOW Becomes the Opening Song


Japan – A new episode of the Naruto anime will be aired to celebrate its 20th anniversary. FLOW was chosen to perform the opening and ending theme songs for the 4 episodes.

FLOW will be rearranging their song and one cover song for the ending. What are the songs? Let’s take a peek below.

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4 new episodes of the Naruto anime will be airing to celebrate the anime’s 20th anniversary. It is known that the Naruto television anime debuted in October 2002.

This episode will premiere on September 3 and will air every week for four consecutive weeks.

A recent update from the official website for Naruto announced that FLOW will be performing the opening and ending theme songs for the four episodes. FLOW’s opening theme will be featuring GO!!! and for closing they will cover the Orange Range song titled Viva Rock.

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