Muslim, Robby Purba Wishes We Can Keep Dogs


Jakarta – Robby Purba shared a number of photos with very cute puppies. Carrying him to interact happily with the dog, Robby even regretted one thing.

Netizens also feel what Robby Purba regrets. So, what’s the regret? Let’s take a peek at the answer by scrolling on!

Through his Instagram, Robby Purba shares his cute photos with several poodles. The brown poodle was picked up by Robby, so he was loved by the famous presenter.

As it turned out, the poodles weren’t Robby Purba’s pets. He only took pictures with those adorable dogs.

He was so excited that Robby Purba wished he could keep this animal created by God. It’s just that, in Islam, the law of dog saliva is unclean.

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